Web Cleaning - Adhesive Rolls

We are leading suppliers of web cleaning adhesive rolls. With over 20 years expertise manufacturing adhesive rolls for web cleaning, our individual components and process specifications have been refined to ensure consistent optimum cleansing.

Product is available in perforated or continuous formats




The core

Manufactured from High Impact Polystyrene to an exacting specification.  Providing straightness and mechanical rigidity for the roll.

"Ensuring full contact with the rubber roller down to the last layer of adhesive"

The Paper

Pre-selected and tested for thickness,consistency and profile to ensure constant wind quality.  The paper is moisture resistant to ensures the material remains stable during transit,storage and use.The release coating allows an easy controlled unwind.

"Paper quality and consistency is essential in ensuring full contact and effective removal of contamination"

The Adhesive

Highest adhesive coatweight (thickness) of all brands tested (including the �market leader�).  The adhesive layer is designed to ensure an effective "clean wipe" and offers the maximum "reservoir" for absorbing contamination.  The adhesive is compatible with all known adhesive rollers.

"Higher adhesive mass offers longer more effective cleaning"

Wind Quality

The consistency of paper and adhesive coating are matched by an even wind tension in the finished roll.

"Consistent wind quality ensures uniform contact with rubber rollers resulting in more effective cleaning"


Each individual roll carries a batch reference code for total traceability.

"Each roll can be traced back to input raw materials and processing data"


Each roll is individually film wrapped,packed in custom sized protective tubes and sealed with end bungs.

"The rolls arrive with the customers in pristine condition"