Three Layer Adhesive Tape

ISA Recommended in Journal of Forensic Sciences

ISA's Three Layer Lifting Tape

The text you can see is shown through 230 layers of tape.

ISA's three-layer adhesive tape made the news recently, appearing in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

This issue made a case study of the use of adhesive tape in crime scenes. Whilst it has been commonly used for fingerprint sampling, this journal dealt with the forensic recovery of DNA samples from different articles such as gloves, ski masks and guns.

Several different types of adhesive tape were tried and ISA's three-layer adhesive tape was considered to be the only adhesive tape that "... enabled the trouble-free lifting of biological material that could be subsequently extracted and profiled... ". The other tapes either had too much glue for successful extraction of DNA material or had a glue type whose reaction to extraction treatments contaminated the evidence.

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ISA's Three Layer Lifting Tape