Complete Range of Floor Laying / Carpet Tapes

Contact Tape

307 Ultra heavy duty tape,excellent initial and long term adhesion and shear.Resistant to plasticiser migration.Easily hand tearable cloth carrier.

Suitable for heavy duty installations,PVC skirting and cove formers.Available 85, 50 and 25mm as standard other sizes can be supplied.

Contact Tape

Contact Tape

Cloth Double Sided Tapes

599 Very Heavy Duty double sided cloth tape,closely woven highly conformable cloth carrier with a very high mass of aggressive adhesive offers excellent adhesion to difficult and uneven surfaces.Suitable for contract and heavy domestic installations.

598 Heavy duty cloth double sided tape. Agressive adhesive bond to floor surfaces highly conformable hand tearable woven carrier.White release liner with controlled easy release.

593 Heavy duty cloth double sided tape.Aggressive adhesive bond to floor surfaces and carpet backings.Hand tearable highly conformable cloth carrier and an Amber easy release liner.

595 Resistant to Plasticiser migration suitable for laying vinyl flooring.A consistantly controlled adhesive mass offers excellent adhesion ,the tape is designed not to create ridges under the smooth flooring.It is also non staining.

Cloth Double-Sided Tape